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Alnarp Hub

SLU Urban Futures' hub in Alnarp, located at the Unit for Collaboration and Development, is coordinated by Amanda Gabriel.

Getting our Cities Right #2 - Take-aways and summaries

In October 2022 the second conference of SLU Urban Futures’ series Getting Our Cities Right took place at SLU Campus Alnarp. The focus was on Living Laboratories as new formats for research, teaching, and societal interaction. Read the take-aways and presentation summaries here.

Text: Getting our cities right.

Campus Development

Campus development is becoming increasingly important in the knowledge society of the 21st century as campus spaces offer attractive environments not only for academic education and conventional research but also for interaction with society and transdisciplinary research.

Group of young people in front of a building.

Living Lab Campus

Campus Alnarp has a long tradition of using the outdoors for testbeds, trial areas and landscape laboratories. In the autumn of 2022 a new doctoral project in Alnarp will explore the possibilities of using the landscapes of the university even further.

Wooden bridges over a stream in a green landscape.

Urban Health

The theme of Urban Health at SLU encompasses highly important and society relevant research topics. SLU Urban Futures's Alnarp Hub wants to initiate and strengthen SLU’s Urban Health expertise and develop its network.

A person hugging a tree.

Malmö District Development

Mistra Urban Futures' Local Interaction Platform in Skåne, promotes and harness participatory research for sustainable neighbourhood development.

Train station with the text Rosengard.
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