Course about source apportionment of nutrients

Last changed: 12 August 2020

The FyrisNP model combines measurements from lakes and streams with emission data from various sources. It is a good tool to find out which nutrient sources are most important and most effective to reduce to reach good water quality in eutrophicated systems. It is also an useful tool to analyze the impact and effect of various measures to improve water quality in eutrophicated systems.

SLU Water Hub can give courses about source apportionment modelling with FyrisNP in both Swedish and English. The English courses has been given to colleagues from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Serbia. When the course is given to participants from outside Sweden, the course material is adjusted to fit the data availability in these countries. Common to both language versions is a lot of hands-on-exercises with the FyrisNP model, accompanied with introduction lectures to source apportionment modelling and data handling.

Some course material has also been translated into Russian on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.