Research themes

Last changed: 19 July 2017

Integration is demanding. It challenges ingrained perceptions, solutions, understandings and concepts. In order for research to make a contribution to integration and conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, new and innovative perspectives are needed. CBM aim to provide new and innovative perspectives on the importance of biodiversity for people and communities to fulfill this.

Our current and future research can be characterized by six different themes that describe the complex relationships we want to highlight.

People and land use

People, land use and biodiversity – transdisciplinary research for new ecological knowledge for sustainable use of biological diversity (by consumers, producers and for management of ecosystems). Contact: Johnny de Jong

Global environmental change

Global environmental change and biodiversity - local experiences with solutions to global problems and local solution effects on global problems. Contact: Tommy Lennartsson.

Policy change and implementation

Policy change, implementation and biodiversity - where policy meets ecology to achieve solutions that contribute to the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity. Contact: Maria Forsberg

Culture and nature

Culture and nature - to understand ethics, culture, norms, etc. in relation to the use of nature to achieve sustainable lifestyles. Contact: Tuija Hilding-Rydevik and Carina Green.

Biodiversity and cultural heritage

Biodiversity and cultural heritage - historical ecology, and traditional knowledge to understand the present and indicate sustainable paths to the future. Contact: Anna Westin


Infrastructure for humans and biodiversity - where development practice meets ecology and society to discover new ecological knowledge and solutions that support biodiversity. Contact: Åke Berg