Last changed: 20 May 2018

Biodiverse is a popular science magazine published by the Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM).

Biodiverse addresses current events and trends in Swedish and international nature conservation, with a focus on sustainable use of biological diversity. Biodiverse started in 1996 and is published four times a year. The articles in the paper magazine are written in Swedish, but some of the articles in every issue are translated into English and can be read online at

Biodiverse 1-18Latest issue

The last issue of 2018 is about siol biodiversity. Two articles are translated into English, and you can find them on the online magazine:

Microplastics in agricultural soils fields. Where does it come from, and what can it do? written by Martyn Futter, researcher at department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment.

Better soils through climate project by Annika Borg, editor of Biodiverse.



Biodiverse online

In the web magazine you can find all the issues and articles of the magazine in Swedish.

On some articles in the recent issues are also published in English.





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