Irena Creed, Honorary Doctor of Agricultural Science

Last changed: 06 September 2023

Irena Creed has been appointed honorary doctor at SLU's Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences.

Irena Creed is one of the world's pre­eminent leaders in the field of water resources, and leads several major research projects with topics ranging from wetland carbon and nutrient sequestration to "algal bloom assessment through science, technology and education".

Since 2017, Creed is the Executive Director and Professor at the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. She received her doctorate from the University of Toronto and became professor at Western University in Ontario in 2011. She has 130 peer-reviewed publications.

The breadth and strength of Creed's research is impressive, including research at the interface between natural and social sciences. Her scientific foundation is in the biogeochemical implications of water movement within and across landscapes, but she has gone on to lead important transdisciplinary research on sustainable development in Canada and Africa, develop hydrological principles for natural resource management and explore the puzzling basis for harmful algal blooms. She has used her teaching talents extensively, in both the classroom and in supervising research, and she combines excellence in teaching and research with a strong societal commitment.

Irena Creed has co-authored a number of scientific papers with researchers at SLU. In these interactions, she has been an inspiration to the faculty in regard to seeking transdisciplinary approaches to solve pressing issues relating to the critical resource that is water is.

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Irena Creed

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