Installation ceremony for new professors

Last changed: 16 February 2022

Having been nominated for a professor’s chair at SLU, new professors have the option to be formally installed during a ceremony – the installation of professors. Ceremonies for installation of professors are held twice a year, in March/April at Ultuna and in May alternating years in Umeå or Alnarp.

The ceremony will only be held if there is a certain number of new professors to be installed. The installation is preceded by lectures by the new professors (installandi).


Lectures in connection with the installation ceremony will be held by the new professors during one or two days depending on how many professors should be installed.

Ceremonies for the installation of professors

All new professors are installed by the vice-chancellor of SLU who also is the host at the ceremony in Ultuna. When the ceremony is held in Umeå or Alnarp it is the dean who hosts the ceremony.

After the ceremony there will be a dinner for invited guests.