Tommy Lundgren, professor of natural resource economics

Last changed: 25 May 2022
Picture of Tommy Lundgren.

Tommy Lundgren is a professor of natural resource economics since 15 January 2021 . His installation lecture has the title: "Forskning för en mer faktabaserad miljö- och klimatpolitik".

Tommy Lundgren's research can be described as applied policy analysis. He examines how environmental, energy and climate policy decisions affect companies and industries in terms of energy use and environmental performance. Another example of his research is how the forest's carbon uptake and biodiversity are affected by increased production of bioenergy from biomass. He conducts applied research which hopefully can be used to support policy formulation.

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Inauguration lecture

Watch Tommy Lundgren's inauguration lecture. Please note that the lecture is in Swedish but auto translated subtitles are available.
Picture of Tommy Lundgren typing diagrams and notes on a white board.
Professor Tommy Lundgren conducts research within the field of Natural resource economics. Photo: Andreas Palmén

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Professor at the Department of Forest Economics
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