Mission, vision, values and strategies

Last changed: 18 November 2020

Here, we present SLU's mission, vision, brand promise and values, objectives and strategies.

Mission statement

SLU conducts education, research and environmental monitoring and assessment in collaboration with society at large. Through our focus on the interaction between humans, animals and ecosystems and the responsible use of natural resources, we contribute to sustainable societal development and good living conditions on our planet.


SLU plays a key role in development for sustainable life, based on science and education.

Brand promise

Science and Education for Sustainable Life

Brand values

Putting science to the test

We dare to question established knowledge through critical thinking and an open, inquiring perspective. Our university produces world-class research.

Solving real problems

We seek solutions to critical problems, in theory and in practice. Our focus is on the real world and concrete problems, and on finding solutions for all life on our planet.

For a thriving world

We ask the big questions about nature, animals and life itself. Our knowledge forms the foundation of a sustainable, thriving and better world.

Values for SLU

SLU values express the organisation's common fundamental values. These provide guidance in everyday life, by describing what the starting point for you activity is, for contacts with the outside world, and how we behave towards each other and others. All SLU employees are included in these values.The fundamental values are:

  • scientific approach
  • creativity
  • openness
  • responsibility.

In addition to these four fundamental values, there are six fundamental principles:

  • democracy
  • legality
  • objectivity, factuality and equal treatment
  • free formation of opinions
  • respect
  • efficiency and service. 

Read more about the SLU values (pdf).

Overall strategic objectives

  • SLU is an attractive and stimulating workplace for our current and future employees.
  • SLU is an attractive university for students and offers courses and programmes of high quality with societal relevance.
  • SLU's researchers have good access to research infrastructure which gives the opportunity for ground-breaking, excellent research.
  • SLU's collaboration will benefit society and be appreciated by stakeholders while the quality of our education, research and EMA will be raised.
  • Employees and students will have knowledge of and feel commitment to SLU's activities, and take joint responsibility for developing activities.

Read more in the SLU strategy 2017-2020.


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