Collaboration in Sweden

Last changed: 30 January 2018

Each year, SLU researchers take part in several Swedish events such as the Almedal week, the Borgeby field days and Matologi events.

Here you can find some other examples of how SLU collaborates with Swedish industry, governmental bodies and organisations.

Future research platforms

Global challenges and national needs both underscore the importance of intensified research combining the strengths of all four faculties at SLU.

Research within the fields of forests, agriculture, animal health and welfare, and also urban environment are therefore assembled in four interdisciplinary future research platforms. These four research areas for the future will constitute platforms for e.g., internal and external interaction, coordination of research projects, and formulation of major grant proposals.

FältForsk (Field Research Unit)

FältForsk is a contact unit between SLU and external organisations involved in agricultural field testing.

FältForsk coordinates and develops field research methods for planning, reporting results and stimulating the use of good routines and equipment in field and laboratory studies.



Mariette Manktelow, collaboration coordinator, Division of Planning, SLU, +46(0) 18-67 18 54, +46(0) 76-117 94 49

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