Contacts for collaboration with SLU

Last changed: 14 March 2022

Do you want to collaborate with SLU or are you interested in innovations? Here you can find contact persons for collaboration within different fields.

Management responsibility for collaboration at SLU

Anna Lundhagen, photoAnna Lundhagen, Pro Vice-Chancellor for collaboration and Environmental monitoring and assessment.


Ylva Hillbur, Pro Vice-Chancellor for international collaboration



Experts to ask

SLU has many researchers with a special mission to collaborate with society. Contact them if you have questions. 

Get in touch with our experts

Erasmus and other student exchanges at the international students office

Please contact our international students office:

Studies at SLU, undergraduate and master levels

Studies at SLU, PhD level

Contacts between industry and research at SLU (innovations) 

SLU Holding initiates, supports, develops and invests in innovations originating at SLU and in the land-based sector. Green Innovation Park is a business park welcoming companies of all sizes active in the land-based sector.

General questions about collaboration

Mariette Manktelow, photoMariette Manktelow, Coordinator of Collaboration in Sweden,
 +46 18-67 18 54, +46 76-117 94 49



Mariette Manktelow, External Collaboration Coordinator, Division of Planning, SLU, +46(0) 18-67 18 54, +46(0) 76-117 94 49