Anna Rising, translational veterinary medicine

Last changed: 11 October 2019

Anna Rising is an expert on translational veterinary medicine. She sudies spider silk biology with the aim to develop a novel biomaterial for regenerative medicine.

Spider silk has long been used in folk medicine and is well known for its extreme mechanical properties. I study spider silk with the aim to generate a biomaterial to be used in regenerative medicine and as matrix for cell culture.

The silk we produce will be tested for the treatment of diseases and injuries for which there is no or poor treatment options available due to the lack of suitable materials. Also, we use the silk to enable culture of human stem cells under defined conditions, a prerequisite for any clinical applications of the cells.

Another line of research concerns the spider silk proteins' N-terminal domain (NT). NT plays an important role in fiber formation; it mediates solubility to silk proteins at high pH and rapid fiber formation when the pH is lowered (as seen in the silk production apparatus). We study NT to understand the molecular mechanisms behind these traits and aim to make use of our findings for biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications.

Our research has been on public display at exhibitions at Skansen Aquarium (Skansen-Akvariet), Sweden, the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, and Paris Natural History Museum, 2011-2012.

By close collaborations with academic and industrial partners at both national and international level, I hope that my research will benefit society at large.

Anna Rising, Professor
Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry (AFB), Division of Anatomy and Physiology, +4618672114, +46709744888


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