Anna Schnürer, bioenergy

Last changed: 05 December 2018

Anna Schnürer, external collaboration specialist in bioenergy. Her area of expertise is biogas with specific focus on process microbiology.

Through my research and teaching, and together with societal stakeholders, I will contribute to developing the sustainable biofuels systems of the future.

My area of expertise is biogas, with specific focus on process microbiology. My research projects ranges from fundamental studies of the microorganisms and their function in the process, to investigating the importance of substrate characteristics and operational parameters for an efficient biogas production.

Through my work as a researcher and as a member in different branch oriented steering- and advisory groups, I have an extensive national and international network. I also give courses and seminars and act as an advisor to external stakeholders in different biogas related issues.


Anna Schnürer, Professor and External Collaboration Specialist in bioenergy
Department of Molecular Sciences, SLU, 018-67 32 88

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