Erland Liljeroth, crop protection

Last changed: 11 October 2019

Erland Liljeroth is an expert on crop protection. He wants to achieve a sustainable plant protection, by combining control methods and good plant defence.

I want to develop a sustainable plant protection, by combining control methods and good plant defence.

The best and most natural form of plant protection is when the crop plants themselves can resist attacks by pests and pathogens. Breeding of new varieties with improved resistance is an important part of future sustainable crop protection.

I am interested in induced resistance, i.e. application of microorganisms or non-toxic compounds that stimulate plant defence, and how that can be applied in practical plant protection. I study, for example, if late blight in potato can be controlled with reduced amounts of fungicides if they are combined with chemical resistance inducers.

To obtain sustainable plant protection with a minimized use of pesticides and minimized environmental impact, combinations of different control measures are necessary. They include stimulation of plant defence and development of cultivation systems that counteract the development and spread of pathogens and pests. Good cooperation between fundamental and applied research as well as with the practical agriculture will facilitate this.


Erland Liljeroth, Professor and External Collaboration Specialist
Department of Plant Protection Biology, SLU, +46 40 41 55 67