Jens Sundström, biotechnology

Last changed: 11 October 2019

Jens Sundström is an expert on biotechnology with focus on gene technology.

I can contribute to reinforce SLU's active and leading position in developing a sustainable agriculture and forestry.

My research focuses on the genetic mechanisms regulating the reproductive development (cone and flower setting) of vascular plants. My work also includes risk assessment for genetically modified organisms (GMO:s).

As a senior lecturer/ extension specialist for biotechnology I hope to contribute to maintain SLU:s active and leading role for the development of a sustainable agriculture and forestry.

In my function as an extension specialist I hope to engage authorities and stakeholders into research projects. A large part of my work will also in the future include outreach, engaging schools and authorities.


Jens Sundström, Senior Lecturer and External Collaboration Specialist
Department of Plant Biology, SLU                                           , +46 18-67 32 47