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Here you can find movies, presentations and other documentation from seminars and conferences.

Tanzania's forests: Local and global challenges and opportunities

August Temu, Professor and Board Chair of Sokoine University’s College of Natural Resource (Morogoro, Tanzania) visits SLU Ultuna, January 30, 2017. Take this opportunity to hear August Temu talk about forest management in Tanzania!
Watch the recording:
Tanzania's forests: Local and global challenges and opportunities (Spectare)
Tanzania's forests: Local and global challenges and opportunities (YouTube) 


Lectures with Hans Rosling at SLU

Lectures with Hans Rosling at SLU available on YouTube; "Economic growth or hunger" (2013), ”Food Security Challenges For a Changing World Population” (2014) etc. Watch the recordings: 
Hans Rosling at SLU 


The Guardians of the 2030 Agenda

Presentation by students David Gevert, Maria Eklund, Maja Möller, Elin Hålldin and Rebecca Hymnelius, from the Swedish University of Agricultural Science. 19th January 2017 at the SIANI Annual Meeting 2017. Watch the recording at vimeo: 
The Guardians of the 2030 Agenda, the role of SLU students in the new development agenda. 


Antimicrobial resistance; linkages between humans, nutrition, livestock and water

Prof. Ulf Magnusson (SLU) on the topic of hidden hunger and the relationship between antimicrobials and intensified livestock produciton. Part of the seminar with the same name at Stockholm World Water Week 2016. Watch the recording at Siani's website:

Antimicrobial resistance; linkages between humans, nutrition, livestock and water - Stockholm World Water Week 2016

Slides from Almedalen 2016 (in Swedish) 

Det globala perspektivet på hunger, nutrition och djurhållning - Almedalen 2016


Crazy about chocolate - serious about people

Henk Jan från Tony´s Chocolonely and Kristina Marquardt från SLU. A lunch seminar arranged by Framtidens lantbruk and SLU Global at SLU in Uppsala April, 16 2016. Watch the recording from the seminars: 
Crazy about chocolate - serious about people and Small scale cacao farming in the Amazon - opportunities and challenges


Workshop on Impact of capacity development on food security 

March 3, 2016
A joint SIANI-SLU Global workshop took place on March 3, 2016 at SEI, Stockholm. The workshop aimed at discussing the impact of the Swedish involvement in capacity building as well as lessons learned. The workshop had the participation of 24 persons, among international researchers, PhD and master students, members of the Swedish government, universities, consulting agencies and the SIANI network. The workshop started with four inspiring presentations with examples of the impact of Swedish capacity development in Cambodia, Rwanda, Kenya and Georgia.
During the group discussions there was a common agreement that the Swedish contribution has had a positive impact on the cooperating countries and institutions. The participants gave concrete examples of the impact of the Swedish contribution at the institutional, national and regional levels. One of the lessons learned is to aim at a more horizontal cooperation, a long term involvement and planning, investment in vocational education and to strive for more gender balance.

The presentations can be found at the event page 
A report from the event is available at the SIANI website

Livestock Resources for Food Security in the Light of Climate Change Seminar

About 27 participants from different parts of the world, researchers, students, practioners and policymakers, came together for a one day seminar held at SLU Ultuna campus on March 11th 2016. The event was jointly organized by the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics from SLU, SLU Global and SIANI.

The presentations from the seminar are available online at the event homepage 
Policy brief 

Bending the Curve – Africa’s Unfolding Agrifood System and Diet Transformation Workshop

With more than 26 participants, the workshop on Bending the Curve-Africa's Unfolding Agrifood System and Diet Transformation took place on Wednesday April 13th 2016. The participants were PhD students, researchers and practitioners working or interested in these issues. The event also had the presence of two esteemed guests, HE Mr Lameck Nthekela Ambassador to Botswana in Stockholm, and Dr Simon Indongo First Secretary at the Namibian Embassy in Stockholm.
The participants had deep discussions around the workshop themes on Adolescent Perceptions on Diet, Physical Activity, Body Size, and Obesity; Impact of Maternal Nutrition Deprivation and Later Life Chronic Non-communicable Disease Risk as Part of the Nutrition Transition; and Capacity for Scaling Up Nutrition Interventions. This event was a pre-conference workshop as preparation for the upcoming Uppsala Health Summit 2016.

Web page
A Policy Brief with recommendations from the workshop is under preparation.

Introduction to theory of change thinking in agriculture development - Seminar

With 19 participants, an introductory workshop on Theory of Change for Agricultural Development took place at SLU, Uppsala on April 26, 2016. The event was organized by the SIANI-SLU Global theme on Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security. The workshop was led by Dr Isabel Vogel, independent consultant with long experience in impact evaluation and learning, evidence- informed policy/practice, organisational development and knowledge management. The participants used ToC thinking to develop a research project using the case of the Cambodian domestic pig production sector.

A complete report of the event can be found here 

Community resource management, landscapes and climate change in South- and Southeast Asia – Workshop

The joint SIANI-SLU Global and Focali Workshop on Community resource management, landscapes and climate change in South- and Southeast Asia took place on 16-17 May 2016.
About 30 participants attended the worskhop session on the first day. The participants discussed possible research gaps, as well as the importance of more relation between research and policy. During the second day the participants discussed their research interests and concrete possibilities of continued collaboration.

A Policy Brief based on the workshop discussions can be found here

Multifunctional landscapes for food security, livelihoods and the environment – Young researchers meeting

Together, SIANI and SLU Global host Agri4D, a large biannual national conference. This conference also has an inter-twining biannual smaller meeting for young researchers since 2014. For 2016 it was proposed to carry out the smaller conference with the thematic field of “multifunctional landscapes”. A desired outcome of the meeting is to contribute to networks and multidisciplinary exposure for young researchers in relevant fields. This conference also gives an opportunity to expose interesting and relevant new research within the Swedish resource base to media and interested stakeholders.
This year’s young researchers meeting was held in Gothenburg, Sweden on 7-8 June with the participation of 15 young researchers who presented their research and discussed with a group of peers receiving at the same time comments from three senior researchers in the field.
All attendants were encouraged to work within multidisciplinarity and to collaborate with others: not only does it make good science, but it helps solving questions, and is a lot of fun.

The full proceedings from the meeting can be found here 

Antimicrobial resistance in livestock in low-income countries - Seminar

Antimicrobial use has been very important for both human and animal health. However, the resistance to antibiotics makes it more difficult nowadays to treat infections caused by resistant bacteria from our use and misuse of AM in humans and animals.
In Uppsala, a seminar on Antimicrobial resistance in livestock in low-income countries was held on June 9, 2016. The event was organized jointly by SLU Global and SIANI at SLU Campus Ultuna. The aim of the event was to discuss the role of the livestock sector in low-income countries in this emergence from policy, research and development perspectives.
The seminar was held with 32 participants, eight of them were leading experts who discussed implications associated with antimicrobial use in livestock, and issues with antimicrobial use and resistance in low-income countries.

A policy brief based on the seminar presentations and discussions is available here  

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