Section 1: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Last changed: 30 January 2014


The aim of this section is to provide doctoral students with a solid pedagogical platform to support their role as current or future lecturers at their home universities.

Intended learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the participant is expected to be able to:

  • Reflect about his/her role as lecturers in their own university context
  • Formulate his/her own educational philosophy statement
  • Report on learning theories and global contemporary trends and issues in higher education
  • Apply the theory of constructive alignment in the preparation of a university course, justifying choices.
  • Justify choice of instructional strategy aimed at facilitating active learning in different contexts
  • Discuss and evaluate how to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), as linked to Global Food Security, into higher education pedagogy.
  • Discuss and evaluate how to integrate a gender, diversity and internationalization perspective into higher education pedagogy.