Scientific approaches and ethics

Last changed: 10 March 2014

Workshop no 1: Monday the 16th to the 17th June

The application site is closed.

Workshop no 2: Monday the 1st to the 2nd September The application site is closed.



To enable supervisors and supervisees to speak the same language.

To enable a common ground in theory and methods of science.

To enhance supervisory competences in the fields theory, methods and ethics.


Learning outcomes

At the end of the workshop, the participants are expected to be able to:

Guide these PhD students in deciding on suitable scientific approaches in relation to the research topics at stake.

Recognize the different knowledge interests in research.

Identify ethical issues related to different research activities, such as authorship credit



Pre-course assignment. Bring your own issue to be submitted before the workshop.


Research strategies.  Johansson + Wamala

Knowledge types. Wilfred Lajul

Ethics, Publication (Authorship, publication strategies). Per  Sandin + Tusabe

Remaining issues brought up by the participants

Semiars: Buyinza