Improving and internationalizing university courses: Workshop for experienced lecturers

Last changed: 30 January 2014

Workshop no 1: 10-12 June  The application site is closed. The workshop is fully subscribed.

Workshop no 2: 12-14 August The application site is closed. The workshop is fully subscribed.

Deadline for application is set to one month before start of the workshop

This three-day workshop on teaching and learning is aimed towards lecturers with several years of teaching experience.

This workshop will focus on helping participants improve their current courses by focusing on course design and the relationship between Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs), Teaching & Learning Activities and Assessment. Given the make-up and context of the workshop, great attention will be paid to internationalization and its implications for teaching and learning. All participants are expected to bring a current course outline with them.


Intended learning outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, the participant is expected to be able to:

1) Reflect about his/her role as a lecturer in their own university context

2) Apply the theory of constructive alignment in the preparation of their courses, justifying choices.

3) Justify choice of instructional strategy aimed at facilitating active learning in different contexts

4) Integrate an internationalization perspective in the preparation of their courses