Teaching and learning

Last changed: 14 August 2013

Teaching and learning

Centered on the thematic area of food security, the Innovative Education for Global Food Security project is designed around SLU and its African partners’ joint development of courses, workshops and teacher exchanges. Vital to the long-term impact of this initiative is the training and development of those involved with teaching and learning at the participating universities. The pedagogical component is indeed a cornerstone of this project and includes improving the competencies of active teaching staff, investing in the teaching development of doctoral students, training the skills of research supervisors, and preparing instructors for meaningful and enriching international exchanges.

The workshops and seminars envisioned within this project will be designed by SLU’s Center for Educational Development (UPC) in partnership with selected African universities. UPC has extensive experience in teacher-training activities in areas such as distance education, education for sustainable development, research supervision, grading and assessment, and teaching in the global classroom. The design and content of the activities will depend on the needs and context identified by the partners; the lectures and discussions will be interactive and build upon a dialogue between presenters and course participants.

In addition to helping participants develop the knowledge and skills required to create a solid pedagogical platform, the activities will also contribute to the strengthening of local, regional and ultimately global networks of teachers within higher education.