Interview GCUA 2030 coordinator

Last changed: 12 July 2021
Elisabeth Rajala

GCUA 2030 is a global network with member universities all over the world. There are a lot of people working together for the network to exist and develop. The person who coordinates everything is Elisabeth Rajala.

My name is Elisabeth Rajala and I am a veterinarian graduated from SLU in 2009. Today I work as a researcher at SLU and also coordinates GCUA 2030.

What are your main tasks within GCUA 2030?

I coordinate the activities, both summer schools, courses and workshops within the network and have contact with all the the member universities. GCUA 2030 started 2012 and have since then grown to be a global network with several member universities.  

What do you enjoy most working with GCUA 2030?

I enjoy to engage with colleagues and doctoral students from all over the world with a common vision to contribute to global sustainable development. I am very much looking forward to all activities we will organise in the network within the coming years like the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): “Sustainability in a globalized world – tools and concepts”, a mentorship programme and a case study challenge. The majority of activities and meetings will be virtual in order to reduce the need for air travel related to the programme and at the same time allow for broader participation.

How do you wish the network to develop in the future?

I hope that GCUA 2030 continues to be a strong and active network of partners from across the globe organizing activities with the objective to equip the next generation of researchers, teachers and academic leaders with knowledge, tools and networks that will strengthen their capacity to work across disciplines, to conduct translational research and contribute to sustainable global development. 

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GCUA 2030 coordinator

Elisabeth Rajala
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