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Last changed: 24 September 2020

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Seminar 22 September 2020:

The aim of the seminar is to highlight the results and lessons from the SLU-Vietnam collaborations and discuss the role of the agricultural and environmental sciences and international collaborations to tackle the current global challenges. At this online seminar, the outcomes of the evaluation will be presented followed by an interactive discussion. 

Local time CEST (in Sweden): 8.15-11.00
Local time Vietnam: 13.15-16.00

Read more about the seminar here

In order to participate in the seminar, please register at latest 18 September.

Workshop 1 October 2020:

Following the seminar, there will be an online workshop with the aim to explore opportunities and interest in future collaborations building on past experiences. The workshop provides time for more informal discussions and networking with researchers and teachers from SLU and Vietnam focusing on different areas. 

Local time CEST (in Sweden): 8.15-11.30
Local time Vietnam: 13.15-16.30

Read more about the workshop here

In order to participate in the workshop, please register at latest 28 September.


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