How to write your thesis

Last changed: 21 August 2023

Below you find useful information about how to write your thesis.


Use the Global Challenge guideline as a guide to create an outline by answering the guided questions.

Then, draft your paper using the outline you created. Be sure to follow the format requirements and recommended breakdowns.

Proofread your paper to edit for sentence structure and proper grammar.

Ask at least three other people to read your paper and give you feedback.

Bibliography- How to cite your sources

Your bibliography page should include at least five sources with in-text citations. You can choose which style to use: MLA (Modern Language Association) or APA (American Psychological Association). Choose one style and use it consistently!

Note: Wikipedia can be useful for initial searches but should never be used as a reference since it is not possible to evaluate the accuracy of the information of credibility of the author(s).

Understanding plagiarism

Please note - your paper will be checked for plagiarism. Make sure you take the time to analyse and interpret the articles and information you read, and explain in your own voice. 

It's important to always be careful when sharing an idea or concept that is someone else's (even if you explain it in your own words), that you properly credit the original source.

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Webinar: How to write your thesis

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