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Last changed: 04 July 2022

To participate in the challenge SLU Youth Institute can you as a high school teacher register your class in the form below. You can also participate in the challenge as an individual student by e-mailing

Participate in SLU Youth Institute - an opportunity for in-depth study of topics that concern food security and sustainability in collaboration with SLU and  World Food Prize Foundation!

Here's how to register a class (for teachers):

Register your class on our website. You can participate in any subject area and any year of high school.

A start-up programme with inspiration and information for students will be broadcast online in October. You can watch all or parts of the programme, either when it is broadcasted or afterwards.

Students write the thesis Global Challenge in the classrooms when it suits your teaching. You supervise the work, but the instruction manual is available on our website. We are happy to come to inform you about the thesis and SLU Youth Institute when you start working with the Global Challenge. The essay can be written in Swedish or English, note that students must submit their theses individually.

When they have finished, the students submit their thesis and register to participate in the roundtable discussions. This can be done at any time during the academic year but no later than 19 March, 2023.

Note! We accept a limited number of students for each round table final. If we receive a lot of registrations we will make a selection of which students from your class that are given the opportunity to participate. This selection is made in consultation with you.

In the roundtable discussions, the students present their theses to leading experts in the field. In addition, it is possible to interact with researchers and students at other programme points during the day.

During the academic year, we arrange other activities that you are free to sign up for. We also arrange a classroom activity in consultation with you, think about what exactly you are interested in knowing more about! In September, we have a meeting with inspiration and information for you as a teacher.

Here's how to register individually as a student:

If you go to high school and want to participate individually, it goes really well! Then you send an email to with your contact information, in which subject you wish to write and name / information to your supervisor. You will then get in touch with the coordinators who will guide you on to the task.

When you are done, send in your thesis and register to participate in the roundtable discussions. This can be done at any time during the academic year but no later than 19 March, 2023.

It is free to participate!

Please fill in the following information!

My school would like to participate:
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Date for the academic year 22/23 in SLU Youth Institute (note preliminary)

13 September - teacher evening with information and inspiration
11 October - start-up online, opportunity to watch programmes later
19 March - deadline to submit Global Challenge 
4 May- round table discussion Ultuna
16 May- round table discussion Alnarp
16 May- round table discussion digital (for schools outside the target regions)
25 May- round table discussion Umeå
October 2023 - Global Youth Institute, Iowa, USA

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For more information please contact one of the coordinators: 

Anna-Klara Lindeborg (Uppsala region):
Telephone: +46-(0)730-88 64 47

Kristina Karlsson Green (Skåne region): 
Telephone: +46-(0)40-41 53 02

Elisabeth Nyström (Umeå Region):
Telephone: +46(0)90-786 82 38