Transcripts and certificates

Last changed: 25 September 2017

If you still have access to your student account, you can print transcripts and sertificates from the student web. Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact the Service centre. Transcripts and certificates are available in Swedish and English.

If you still have have access to your student account, the easiest way is to print the certificate from My studies on the student web.

How do I print a certificate from My studies?

  1. Go to My studies.
  2. Select Certificates and Create new certificate.
  3. You can choose from the following secure certificates:
    - Transcript of records first and second cycle (studies at SLU)
    - National transcript of records first and second cycle (all Swedish universities/colleges)
    - Certificate of registration first and second cycle (studies at SLU)
  • Transcript of records shows all your completed courses and any degree awarded.
  • Certificate of registration show the semesters you have been an active student, i.e. when you have been registered.
  • You can get transcripts and certificates in Swedish and English.

When you order a secure certificate through My studies, you will get a pdf file that you can email and print. Certificates from My studies are valid as signed and stamped certificates.

The receiver can verify the certificate on a dedicated website. The URL and verification code are on the certificate. The certificate is valid for 360 days.

How do I order a signed transcript or certificate?

The service centres at the campuses in Alnarp, Skara, Umeå and Uppsala will assist you if you need a printed and signed transcript or certificate.

You can also order a signed certificate through the web.

We will send the transcript and certificate to the address you have provided.

Certificates are printed from SLU's student records system Ladok. They are both signed and stamped.

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