Do you want to participate in Värt att veta with a short talk?

Last changed: 13 May 2019

The popular series of lunch lectures Värt att veta was launched in Umeå 2016, and started in Ultuna and Alnarp this spring. We are now looking for researchers who want to participate in Värt att veta during the autumn of 2019, by presenting a short lecture followed by a Q&A within one of SLU’s areas of interest. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

The purpose of Värt att veta is to increase awareness about SLU:s research by creating an open forum for knowledge exchange. The lectures, held at lunch time in the library, are open for all, as they are a perfect opportunity for students, alumni and staff to learn more about the latest research from SLU in an inspiring and accessible way.

Värt att veta lecture format

  • Värt att veta is fundementally popular scientific
  • The lectures should inspire questions and discussion
  • Results and findings are the main focus, as opposed to methods
  • The lecture should be 20 minutes at most, plus 10 minutes for a Q&A
  • The lectures will be livestreamed

Are you a researcher yourself and want to participate in Värt att veta with a short talk? Or maybe you have a colleague working on an exciting project that you want us to know about? Let us know by filling in the form below by 20 May.

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