About the SLU alumni network

Last changed: 25 September 2017

Our alumni are important to us. The alumni network is open to current and former students at SLU and the purpose is to promote mutual exchange between alumni and the university.

The key to the network is the alumni database SLU Alumninet. The database is only available to registered SLU alumni and to SLU’s administrators of alumni relations. Data you register in Alumninet will be treated confidentially.

We would like to know more about you

We would like to know more about you: your work, your time at SLU and how you would like to keep in touch with us. Except for some mandatory fields, you choose what information you register.

Your personal data (name, address, studies, degree and year of degree) are automatically transferred from the student records system Ladok. After you register, the same data is visible to other alumni in the database. You decide yourself whether you want your information to be visible to the members of the network.

Develop contacts based on your interests

The information you provide will be used to develop alumni activities and contacts between you, other alumni and SLU. By filling in how you want to be contacted by us, we can develop and customise our services based on your preferences.

Data protection

In accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL), we are obligated to inform you how SLU uses your personal data. The purpose of the Personal Data Act is to protect privacy when personal data is processed, and informing you about how data is used is part of the process of protecting your integrity. By registering in SLU’s AlumniNet, you accept that SLU may store and process your personal data.

Personal data in the alumni database will be used to maintain contacts with alumni in order to create and strengthen relationships for mutual benefit. Summaries of the data you provide may be used for statistical purposes. It will not be possible to connect such data to a particular individual.

SLU is a governement authority governed by the principle of public access to official documents. We may in some cases be required to supply information held by us. You have the right, at any time, to access all data registered about you.

Personal identity number

Your personal identity number verifies that you are a current or former student at SLU. If you live in Sweden, it will also be needed to update your home address. It will only be accessible to staff at SLU.


For SLU Alumninet to be an attractive service, all users are required to follow generally adopted netiquette. The database is not for marketing or advertising. We reserve the right to terminate your subscription to SLU Alumninet if you do not follow the guidelines or if you otherwise abuse the site. We also reserve the right to remove any content that may be considered offensive or discriminatory.

The data protection officer at SLU is Anna Jarmar, anna.jarmar@slu.se

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