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Here you find meeting notes and powerpoint presentations from LegSA meetings and workshops.


Annual LegSA meeting / LEGATO stakeholder meeting, Alnarp 26 February 2015
The annual LegSA meeting 2015 washeld on 26 February in Alnarp, organized jointly by the EU project LEGATOSLU and Partnership Alnarp, with the title New perspectives on grain legume production and uses for human consumption. The program contained presentations by LEGATO partners, invited stakeholders and workshop participants. Financial support for the workshop was provided by LEGATO and Partnership Alnarp.

Introductory overview of LEGATO, by Richard Thompson
Short presentatino of LegSA, by Georg Carlsson
Presentation by Gérard Duc and Ana Torres
Presentation by Stephen Belcher
Presentation by Frédéric Muel
Presentation by Carlota Vaz Patto
Presentation by Carla Brites and Jean-Babtiste Traversac
Presentation by Kristina Hammerö
Presentation by Gerard Seelt
Presentation by Josiah Meldrum
Presentation by Silvia Sponza
Presentation by Jörg John
Presentation by Viktoria Olsson
Presentation by Elinor Hallström
Presentation by Otto Toldi
Panel discussion on research needs in the transition towards growing and eating more grain legumes


Annual LegSA meeting, Umeå 25 March 2014
Notes from the meeting
Introduction and welcome: Kerstin Huss Danell and Mårten Hetta
Invited lecture by Elin Röös
Presentation by Mårten Hetta
Presentation by Elin H Sikkeland
Presentation by Annika Höjer
Presentation by Georg Carlsson
Presentation of a new EU project, Erik Steen Jensen
Presentation by Shakawat Hossain
Presentation of SITES and SAFE, Kerstin Huss-Danell and Erik Steen Jensen


Annual LegSA meeting, Skara 21 March 2013
Notes from the meeting
Introductory presentation by Georg Carlsson
Presentation by Lena Engström
Presentation by Elisabet Nadeau
Presentation by Sadhna Alström
Presentation by Adnane Bargaz
Presentation by Georg Carlsson
Presentation by Eva Stoltz
Presentation by Birgitta Johansson


Legumes workshop in Alnarp, 17 July 2012
"Towards an action plan for promoting the use of legumes in agriculture" - summary from the workshop
Presentation by Mark Peoples
Presentation by Janet Sprent
Presentation by Christine Watson
Presentation by Erik Steen Jensen


A report from the 17th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation (Fremantle, Australia, November 2011) has been written by Janet Sprent and published in New Phytologist (2012), vol 194, pp 318-320.


Review paper from LegSA members now available online:
ES Jensen, MB Peoples, RM Boddey, PM Gresshoff, H Hauggaard-Nielsen, BJR Alves and MJ Morrison. Legumes for mitigation of climate change and the provision of feedstock for biofuels and biorefineries. Agronomy for Sustainable Development.
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