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Annemieke Gärdenäs

I’m an associate professor in Biogeophysics, with my main research interests in systems ecology. I study how biological, chemical and physical processes in concerto govern fluxes of elements such as carbon, nitrogen and radionuclides, in terrestrial ecosystems.


Process-oriented models are developed to study relationships between management, vegetation, soil, climate and hydrology in terrestrial ecosystems. Photo: Cajsa Lithell.

My work to date fits within the triangle of:

  1. sustainable land use and management
  2. climate and climate change
  3. other anthropogenic drivers. Examples of other anthropogenic drivers are policy, economy, as well as long-distance contamination by nitrogen and radioactive deposition.

I use process-oriented models and develop models to handle complex relationships between management, vegetation, soil, climate and hydrology. Using data from the Swedish national soil inventory and long-term experiments has enabled me to test and validate models.

Some ongoing studies:

Read more about ongoing and recent studies




  • Teaching undergraduates Biogeophysics (BSc) and
    Biogeochemistry – element cycles and climate change (MSc)
  • Principal supervisor of PhD-students:
    Kristina Mjöfors (completed 2015),
    Martin Rappe George (planned PhD-defence Feb 2016), Linnea Hansson (ongoing).
    Co-supervisor of PhD-students: Anna Lindahl (2009),
    Carina Ortiz (2012),
    Solomon Gebreyohannis (2012),
    Stefan Bengtsson (2013),
    Preetisri Baskaran (ongoing),
    Petr Capek (ongoing).
  • Director of studies of research school ‘Focus on Soils & Water’ 2008-2012
    Director of studies of graduate school ‘Focus on Soils’ 2002-2007
  • Member of post-graduate studies board of the Forest Sciences faculty 2014-
  • Organizer of PhD-Courses for example:
    Modelling Soil Organic Matter (2010) and Modelling fluxes of water, heat, C and N in terrestrial ecosystems (1993, 1998, 2001, 2004), Climate impacts on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (co-organizer 2009)
  • Organizer of BSc-course Biogeophysics 2002-2010
  • Organizer of Diamond Cutters - a course to encourage research career of female PhDs at SLU 2014-2015

Selected publications

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