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Emad Ehtesham

Post Doctoral Fellow in Mass spectrometry in metabolomics.


I am a forensic biogeochemist /food scientist. I received my PhD in chemistry from University of Otgao/ New Zealand working on forensic application of stable isotopes technology to determine provenance of biological stuff.

I was previously involved in doing research on understanding the latent mechanisms that influence the soil organic matter decomposition as a Post Doctoral fellow at Lund University/Sweden.

My role at this current position is to develop and setup a new approach for accurate quantitation of human plasma metabolites, especially on phospholipids using LCMS-QTOF.

My overall research interests include:

  • Stable isotope biogeochemistry
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Food safety and authentication (isotopic fingerprinting)
  • Biomarkers


2015 - present: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Metabolomics

Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala, Sweden

2013 - 2014: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Microbial Ecology

Department of Ecology, Centre of Microbial Ecology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

2009 - 2013: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Chemistry (Biogeochemistry)

Dissertation: Stable Isotopic Profiling of New Zealand Milk Powder, University of Otago, Department of Chemistry, Dunedin, New Zealand

2006 - 2008: Masters, Bio- & Food Technology

Lund University, Lunds Tekniska Högskola (LTH), Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition, Lund, Sweden

Selected publications

Ehtesham, E. and Bengtson, P. Decoupling of soil carbon and nitrogen turnover partly explains increased net ecosystem production in response to nitrogen fertilization. Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 46286; doi: 10.1038/srep46286.

Ehtesham, E.; Camin, F.; Bontempo, L.; Frew, R. D. Stable isotope measurements and modeling to verify the authenticity of dairy products. In James F. Carter, Lesley A. Chesson, Food Forensics: Stable Isotopes as a Guide to Authenticity and Origin: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, 2017. (1 ed., pp. 448)​

Ehtesham, E.; Hayman A. R.; Van Hale R.; Frew, R. D. Influence of feed and water on the stable isotopic composition of dairy milk. International Dairy Journal, 2015, 47, p.37-45

Ehtesham, E.; Stable isotopic profiling of New Zealand milk powder. Doctoral Thesis; University of Otago, 2013 (

Ehtesham, E.; Hayman A. R.; Mc Comb K. A.; Van Hale R.; Frew, R. D. Correlation of geographical location with stable isotope values of hydrogen and carbon of fatty acids from New Zealand milk and bulk milk powder. Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2013, 61 (37), p. 8914-8923.​

Ehtesham, E.; Baisden, W. T.; Keller, E. D.; Hayman, A. R.; Van Hale, R.; Frew, R. D. Correlation between precipitation and geographical location of the δ2H values of the fatty acids in milk and bulk milk powder. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2013, 111, p. 105-116.


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