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Eveline Krab

Eva Krab
I am a soil ecologist interested in understanding how environmental changes affect soil organism communities and soil processes in cold ecosystems. I study to what extent these changes affect soil fauna, microbes and plants, and if (and how) altered interactions between these organisms affect carbon and nitrogen cycling.


My main interests are to understand how environmental changes may induce changes in soil organism communities and assess the consequences of community changes for soil processes. More specifically, I am interested to what extent environmental changes affect interactions between soil fauna, microorganisms and plants, and if changed interactions lead to changes in carbon and nitrogen cycling. Most of my current projects are situated in arctic ecosystems, but I am expanding my research into boreal forests as well.
I try to answer my research questions using different approaches at different scales, e.g. in the laboratory, using mesocosms and small scale field experiments, and by larger-scale field sampling campaigns. Recent work includes studying how biotic interactions may alter the fate of soil organic carbon and nitrogen in thawing permafrost and how earthworm invasions may lead to dramatic changes in biogeochemical processes in arctic tundra.


I am course coordinator for, and teacher in the MSc course: 'Soil Biology and Biogeochemistry (15 ECTS)' that runs from January-March every year


In my current projects I collaborate with researchers at Umeå University, VU University Amsterdam, University of Tromsö, University of Greifswald,  EPFL (Lausanne), University of Copenhagen and University of Oulu.


I am a co-supervisor of doctoral student Tarquin Netherway at the department of Ecology (SLU Uppsala)

I have been supervisor of postdoc Dr. Sylvain Monteux

Selected publications

T. Netherway, J Bengtsson, EJ Krab, M Bahram (2021). Mycorrhizal ecosystem interactions as an extended nutrient acquisition strategy shaping forest soil communities and functions. Basic and Applied Ecology 50, 25-42. 

G Blume-Werry, EJ Krab, J Olofsson, MK Sundqvist, M Väisänen, J Klaminder, (2020) Invasive earthworms unlock arctic plant nitrogen limitation. Nature Communications 11 (1), 1-11. 

S Monteux, F Keuper, S Fontaine, K Gavazov, S Hallin, J Juhanson, EJ Krab, S Révaillot, E Verbruggen, J Walz, J Weedon, E Dorrepaal (2020) Carbon and nitrogen cycling in Yedoma permafrost controlled by microbial functional limitations. Nature Geoscience 13(12) 794-798.  

S Lett, L Teuber, M., EJ Krab, A Michelsen, J Olofsson, MC Nilsson, DA Wardle, E Dorrepaal (2020) Mosses modify effects of warmer and wetter conditions on tree seedlings at the alpine treeline. Global Change Biology 26 (10) 5754-5766. 

F Keuper, B Wild, M Kummu, C Beer, G Blume-Werry, S Fontaine, K Gavazov, N Gentsch, G Guggenberger, G Hugelius, M Jalava, C Koven, EJ Krab, P Kuhry, S Monteux, A Richter, T Shahzad, JT Weedon & E Dorrepaal, (2020). Carbon loss from northern circumpolar permafrost soils amplified by rhizosphere priming. Nature Geoscience, 13(8)

M Väisänen, EJ Krab, S Monteux, LM Teuber, K Gavazov, JT Weedon, F Keuper, F., E Dorrepaal. (2020) Meshes in mesocosms control solute and biota exchange in soils: A step towards disentangling (a)biotic impacts on the fate of thawing permafrost. Applied Soil Ecology 151, 103537

EJ Krab, S Monteux, JT Weedon, E Dorrepaal (2019) Plant expansion drives bacteria and collembola communities under winter climate change in frost-affected tundra. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 138, 107569

EJ Krab, J Rönnefarth, M Becher, G Blume‐Werry, F Keuper, J Klaminder, ... (2017) Winter warming effects on tundra shrub performance are species‐specific and dependent on spring conditions. Journal of Ecology 106, 599–612

M Väisänen, EJ Krab, E Dorrepaal (2017) Carbon dynamics at frost-patterned tundra driven by long-term vegetation change rather than by short-term non-growing season warming. Biogeochemistry, 1-15



Senior Lecturer at the Department of Soil and Environment; Soil biology
Telephone: +4618672470, +46725115379
Postal address:
Institutionen för mark och miljö
Box 7014
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Älvkarleby