CV page

Fengping Yang


I am PhD candidate in Landscape Architecture. My research interests are in urban biodiversity, urban ecology, ecological design and landscape perception.


I have taught in several courses from Bachelor level to PhD level.

-Bachelor’s course “LK0164 – Trädgårds- och parkhistoria” (Garden and Park history) in SLU;

-Master’s course “Theoretical Aspects of Planning and  Management for Sustainable Development of the Urban Landscape" in SLU;

-Master’s course “Ecological Systems” in the University of Western Australia

-PhD course “Urban Ecology” in SLU


My PhD project aims to understand the lawn phenomenon in China from social-cultural and ecological perspectives and offer suggestions to sustainable solutions to lawns fitting to the local context. I actively participated in the FORMAS funded project "Lawn as ecological and cultural phenomenon. Search for sustainable lawns in Sweden". In addition, I am also involved in the international cooperation project funded by Northwest A&F University "Urban-Rural Eco-civilization: towards sustainable green infrastructure, China-Sverige". 


I was born and grew up in China. I got my Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture and Master's degree in Eology. In my Bachelor's thesis, I studied the age structure and biomass in different components of Fargesia qinlingensis populations in Giant Panda habitats of Taibai Mountain in the Qinling Mountains. My master's thesis is about the relationship between climate change and tree growth at Huoditang forest region in the Qinling Mountains based on theories and methodologies in dendrochronology. 

Selected publications

Yang F P, Ignatieva M, Larsson A., Xiu N, Zhang S X (2018). Historical development and practices of lawns in China. Environment and History. Doi:

Xiu N, Ignatieva M, Konijnendijk, C, Chai Y, Wang F, Cui T, Yang, F P (2017). A social-ecological perspective of urban green networks: the Stockholm case. Urban Ecosystems. 20(4): 729-742.

Ignatieva M, Xiu N, Yang F P, April 5, 2015. Chinese Urban Green Areas: Classic Gardens to a Globalized Landscape.

Yang F P, Hu Z Y, Zhang S X (2014). Dynamic changes in biomass and volume of the tree layer of Pinus tabulaeformis and Pinus armandi forests at different altitudes. Journal of Northwest A&F University: Natural Science Edition. 42(3): 70-76. (In Chinese with English abstract)

Yang F P, Hu Z Y, Hou L, Cai J, Cui C, Zhang S X (2014). Relationship between net primary productivity of tree layer in Pinus tabulaeformis and Pinus armandi forests and climatic factors at Huoditang forest region in the Qinling Mountains. Acta Ecologica Sinica. 34(22): 6489-6500. (In Chinese with English abstract)