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Frauke Ecke

Frauke Ecke
Landscape ecologist with interest in especially small mammals, their predators and zoonoses, and how they are affected by environmental change


I am an Associate Professor and work as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies at SLU, Umeå, where I also lead the research group on Rodent & Disease Ecology. Since July 2016, I am responsible for the Swedish National Environmental Monitoring Program for Small Rodents.


Focus of my research is on the population dynamics and landscape ecology of small mammals and their zoonoses in the forest landscape and the small mammals’ trophic interactions in time and space. Another important task is the analysis of the effects of species on their environment (especially beaver) and how species are affected by changes in their environment (landscape, climate; small mammals, Tengmalm’s Owl, Golden Eagle). In the different projects, I take advantage of data sampled within the Swedish National Environmental Monitoring Program for small rodents. The monitoring data are complemented by targeted field studies and experiments.


Researcher, Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, 2008-2016.

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Geosciences, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, 2005-2008.

Postdoc, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Forestry Program, Laxenburg, Austria, 2004-2005.

PhD-student, Department of Civil Engineering, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, 1997-2003.

M. Sc. in Biology, University of Uppsala, Sweden, 1996.


Main supervisor of PhD students:

Oded Levanoni, Biogeochemical and ecological processes in beaver dams, SLU 2011-2016.

Eva Husson, Landscape responses of aquatic vegetation, SLU 2010-2016.

Hussein Khalil, Ecological & environmental drivers of the emergence & transmission of the zoonosis nephropathia epidemica, SLU, 2013-2017.

Maidul Choudhury, Reduction of nitrogen discharges in mining processes and mitigating its environmental impact, SLU 2014-2018.

Selected publications

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Ecke, F., J. P. Benskin, Å. M. M. Berglund, C. A. de Wit, E. Engström, M. M. Plassmann, I. Rodushkin, D. Sörlin and B. Hörnfeldt (2020) Spatio-temporal variation of metals and organic contaminants in bank voles (Myodes glareolus). Science of The Total Environment: 136353.

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