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Frederic Ang

My research focuses on efficiency and productivity analysis. I am interested in methodological and empirical contributions, especially if they concern the environment and/or agriculture. Current topics of interest include sustainable intensification, dynamic optimisation behaviour and modelling of subprocesses.


I am a postdoctoral researcher in environmental and natural resource economics at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. I presently work on the “BaltCoast” project where I study environmental problems in the Baltic Sea from an economic perspective. Before the current position, I was a postdoctoral researcher in agri-environmental economics at the University of Reading. Being involved in the “Sustainable Intensification Platform” funded by the United Kingdom Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, I was responsible for the development of efficiency and productivity measures that take into account positive and negative environmental externalities for the agricultural sector in the United Kingdom. In addition, I used production economics techniques to monetarily value the implementation of these externalities. This platform was a multidisciplinary project in partnership with universities (ecologists, economists and rural sociologists), research institutes, industry and environmental organisations.

This postdoctoral work is in line with my PhD research at KULeuven and Hasselt University (Belgium), which I have successfully defended on 1 June, 2015. My PhD consisted of two main parts. In the first part, I applied a sustainable efficiency measure that integrates economic, environmental, and social resources to the EU-15 countries. In the second part, I analysed dynamic profit inefficiency for a sample of Belgian dairy farms by using a non-parametric framework, and I econometrically estimated to what extent purchases of dairy quota have a persistent effect on the farmers’ dynamic technical inefficiency.

My paper on coordination productivity growth in English and Welsh agriculture (with Pieter Jan Kerstens, PhD student at KULeuven, Belgium) has been awarded the 2015/16 Essay Prize of the Agricultural Economics Society.

Selected publications

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Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Ang, F. and Kerstens, PJ, 2017. Decomposing the Luenberger-Hicks-Moorsteen Total Factor Productivity indicator: An application to U.S. agriculture. European Journal of Operational Research (forthcoming).

Ang, F. and Kerstens, PJ, 2016. To mix or specialise? A coordination productivity indicator for English and Welsh farms. Awarded Agricultural Economics Society Essay Prize 2015/16. Journal of Agricultural Economics 67: 779-798.

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Ang, F. and Van Passel, S., 2012. Beyond the Environmentalist’s Paradox and the debate on weak versus strong sustainability. BioScience 62: 251-259.

Ang, F., Van Passel, S. and Mathijs, E., 2011. An aggregate resource efficiency perspective on sustainability: A Sustainable Value application to the EU-15 countries. Ecological Economics 71: 99-110.

Ang, F. and Van Passel, S., 2010. The Sustainable Value approach: A clarifying and constructive comment. Ecological Economics 69: 2303-2306.