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Jeltje M. Stam

As a post-doc researcher at the department of Plant Protection Biology, I study how herbivores affect pollination on woodland strawberry plants.


I am interested in how herbivory affects other organisms - not only the plant on which they feed, but also directly and indirectly other arthropods that interact with that plant. Such as newly arriving herbivores that feed on this already damaged and herbivore-induced plant, as well as predators and pollinators.

Currently I study this in a herbivore - plant - pollinator system, namely with the strawberry leaf beetle (Galerucella tenella), the woodland strawberry plant (Fragaria vesca) and pollinators on its flowers. Does plant resistance against the leaf beetle, affect how the plant interacts with its pollinators?

As such, I am part of The Strawberry Lab led by Johan A. Stenberg.


PhD in Entomology, Wageningen University (2016); 'Plant-mediated insect interactions on a perennial plant: consequences for community dynamics'

MSc in Biology, Wageningen University (2011); graduated with distinction (cum laude)

BSc in Biology, Wageningen University (2010)

Selected publications

Stam, J. M., Dicke, M. & Poelman, E. H. (2018) Order of herbivore arrival on wild cabbage populations influences subsequent arthropod community development. Oikos. doi: 10.1111/oik.05265.

Stam, J.M., Chrétien, L., Dicke, M., & Poelman, E.H. (2017) Response of Brassica oleracea to temporal variation in attack by two herbivores affects preference and performance of a third herbivore. Ecological Entomology 42: 803-815. doi:10.1111/een.12455.

Kroes, A.*, Stam, J.M.*, David, A., Boland, W., van Loon, J.J.A., Dicke, M. & Poelman, E.H. (2016) Plant-mediated interactions between two herbivores differentially affect a subsequently arriving third herbivore in populations of wild cabbage. Plant Biology 16 (6): 981–991

Li, Y., Stam, J.M., Poelman, E.H., Dicke, M. & Gols, R. (2016) Community structure and abundance of insects in response to early-season aphid infestation in wild cabbage populations. Ecological Entomology 41: 378-388.

Speek, T.A.A., Schaminée, J.H.J., Stam, J.M., Lotz, L.A.P., Ozinga, W.A. & van der Putten, W.H. (2015) Local dominance of exotic plants declines with residence time: a role for plant–soil feedback? AoB Plants 7.

Stam, J.M.*, Kroes, A*., Li, Y.*, Gols, R., van Loon, J.J., Poelman, E.H. & Dicke, M. (2014) Plant interactions with multiple insect herbivores: from community to genes. Annual Review of Plant Biology 65: 689-713.

Raak-van den Berg, L.C., Stam, J.M., de Jong, P.W., Hemerik, L. & van Lenteren, J.C. (2012) Winter survival of Harmonia axyridis in The Netherlands. Biological Control 60: 68-76.

*These authors contributed equally to the publication