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Johan Gaddefors

Johan Gaddefors


Johan is involved in teaching and research. The courses are primarily on organization, leadership and entrepreneurship, but also about marketing and ethics. On the research side, he is coordinating the group REG, Rural Entrepreneurship Group and supervising three PhD students. Johan’s research interest is currently directed towards the entrepreneurial shaping places and how places shape entrepreneurship.


In the first course of the undergraduate programs, Johan introduces students to organization studies. The course discusses organization and leadership theories. One of the last courses of the masters program is Ethics, which he also teaches. In addition, he facilitates a number of courses for students including: Entrepreneurship and leadership. One of his favorite aspects of teaching is supervising on different levels.


Currently Johan runs a research project about how entrepreneurship and rural areas may be related. Previous research has problematized marketing in small, entrepreneurial firms, development of rapid growing firms, change in large food companies, as well as radical changes in rural areas.

Selected publications

Articles in journals

Anderson, A and Gaddefors, J. (Forthcoming). Entrepreneurship as a community phenomenon; reconnecting meanings and place, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

Korsgaard, S. Gaddefors, J and Ferguson, R. (Forthcoming). The Best of Both Worlds: How Rural Entrepreneurs Use Placial Embeddedness and Strategic Networks to Create Opportunities, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.

Korsgaard, S, Anderson, A. and Gaddefors, J. (2016). Entrepreneurship as Re-sourcing: Towards a New image of Entrepreneurship in a Time of Financial, Economic and Socio-spatial Crisis                          Journal of Enterprising Communities, 10:3.

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Articles in books

Berglund, K. and Gaddefors, J. (2010). Entrepreneurship demands resistance to be mobilized, in Bill, F., Bjerke, B. and Johansson, A.W. (DE) Mobilizing Entrepreneurship, (Eds), Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, pp.140-157.

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Gaddefors, J., (1996). Reflexion och handling – entreprenörskap i ett kreativt perspektiv, Uppsala: SLU, Department of Economics, Diss. No. 12. 

Professor at the Department of Economics; Rural Entrepreneurship
Telephone: 018-671789