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Johan Pries

Johan Pries
I'm an historian working on knowledge politics of spatial planing and urban development as a field of technocratic expertise, but also writing and teaching about social movements and political conflict. Together with Mattias Qviström, Märit Jansson, Amalia Engström, Mia Ågren and Therese Andersson I work with Formas-funded project "The welfare landscape reassembled: policies for sustainable outdoor recreation in times of urban densification".


Merrill, S. and Pries, J. "Translocalising and Relocalising Antifascist Struggles: From#KämpaShowan to #KämpaMalmö" Antipode (forthcoming)

Pries, J. (2018) P. J. Welinder and “American Syndicalism”, in Interwar Sweden. In Cole, P., Struthers, D., and Zimmer, K. Wobblies of the World: A Global History of the IWW. London: Pluto Press, pp. 262-270.

Pries, J. (2017) Social Neoliberalism through Urban Planning: Bureaucratic Formations and Contradictions in Malmö since 1985. Lund: Lund University Doctoral Dissertations.

Pries, J. and Zackari, K. (2016). “Här slutar Sverige”: Ockupationen på Ringgatan i Malmö 1990, in Brink Pinto, A. and Eriksson, M. Politik underifrån: Kollektiva konfrontationer under Sveriges 1900-tal. Lund: Arkiv förlag, pp. 193-209.

Brink Pinto, A. and Pries, J. (2017) Rethinking transformative events to understand the making of new contentious performances: The “autonomous left” and the anti-fascist blockade in Lund 1991. In Wennerhag, M., Fröhlich, C., and Piotrowskij, G. (Eds.) Radical Left Movements in Europe. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 156-172

Brink Pinto, A. and Pries, J. (2013) 30 november: kampen om Lund 1985-2008. Lund: Pluribus.

Pries, J. (2013) Scandia introducerar: David Harvey och det förflutnas geografi. Scandia: Tidskrift för historisk forskning, 79(2), pp. 137-144.

Postdoctor at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Division of Landscape Architecture
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Visiting address: Ulls väg 27, Uppsala