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Johannes Pohl

Johannes Pohl
PhD student at BVF


I am since May 2016 enrolled as a PhD student at the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Public Health (BVF), where Leif Norrgren act as my main supervisor. After acquiring a bachelor of science in biology, and a subsequent master of science in environmental toxicology (both at Uppsala University), I began working as a research assistant at BVF. I also performed my master thesis on the topic Thyroid Endocrine Disruption of Propylparaben Assessed Using an Optimized Xenopus tropicalis Metamorphosing Tadpole Exposure System at BVF with Gunnar Carlsson as my supervisor.

The project which I am involved in, Evaluation of advanced treatment of sewage effluent in full scale, is financed by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. I have, and will continue, working with small fish as models for biological responses of ozonation of effluents. The aim of my project is to evaluate if any positive and/or negative effects in e.g. the embryonal develpopment, reproduction capability and behavior arises when ozone is used to remove pharmaceutical residues in wastewater effluents.


June 2015-present

Project: Evaluation of advanced treatment of sewage effluent in full scale
Responsible researcher: Jerker Fick (Umeå University)
Project partners: KTH, Umeå Univesity, Göteborg University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Financial support: Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (HaV).

October 2014-May 2016

Project: Mixture aSSessments of EDCs (MiSSE)
Responsible researchers: Prof. Åke Bergman, Dr Jana Weiss (Stockholm University) Project Partnerns: Stockholm University, Umeå University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Sciences, VU University of Amsterdam
Financial support: The Swedish Research Council Formas.


Master of Science in Biology, Environmental Toxicology specialization. Uppsala University 2013-2015

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Molecular Biology specialization. Uppsala University 2010-2013

Selected publications

Carlsson, G. Blomberg, M. Pohl, J. Örn, S. 2018. Swimming activity in zebrafish larvae exposed to veterinary antiparasitic pharmaceuticals. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology. Volume 63, pp 74-77. DOI:

Pohl, J. Björlenius, B. Brodin, T. Carlsson, C. Fick, J D.G. Larsson, D.G.J.  Norrgren, L. Örn, S. 2018. Effects of ozonated sewage effluent on reproduction and behavioral endpoints in zebrafish (Danio rerio). Aquatic Toxicology Volume 200, pp 93-101. DOI:

Pohl, J. Örn, S. Norrgren, L. Carlsson, G. 2015. Toxicological evaluation of water from stormwater ponds using Xenopus tropicalis embryos. Wetlands Ecology and Management. Volume 23, Issue 6, pp 1091-1098. DOI:

Doctoral Student at the Department of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Public Health; Pharmacology and Toxicology Unit
Telephone: 018-671145
Postal address:
Patologi, Box 7028
Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala