CV page

Laura Andreea Bolos


Andreea is a PhD student at the Department of Economics and is involved in the EU project SUSFOOD - Consumers in a sustainable food supply chain: understanding barriers and facilitators for acceptance of visually suboptimal foods (COSUS).


Andreea is participating in a project to understand choice and development of consumer purchase behavior related to suboptimal food (SOF). In the project a dual-process conceptual model will be developed to examine how reasoned (knowledge, involvement, product evaluation) and unreasoned (attitudes and habits) aspects can predict revealed acceptance of and the willingness to pay for SOF. Knowledge, product evaluation, habits, attitudes and environmental barriers of trust related to food quality and the retailer are included as factors of importance. Current producer or retailer-led initiatives are analyzed to understand consumer purchase reactions to such initiatives.


Prior to her PhD position Andreea worked as a research assistant the Department of Economics for the project Mistra Biotech - an interdisciplinary research on the use of biotechnology in agriculture. Andreea was part of the CP4 group which focuses on consumer attitudes towards biotechnology.