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Martijn Versluijs

Martijn Versluijs
Ornithologist, community ecologist and conservationist


I am in the fourth year of my PhD project titled "Restoration of forest set-asides to improve the conservation status of bird assemblages in northern forests"

My research project focused on ecological restoration of forest set-asides, with the aim to improve the conservation status of bird assemblages in northern forests. I evaluate the effect of imitating natural disturbances on short term changes in local composition, structure and demography (reproductive success) of bird assemblages. I use a large-scale field-experiment; forest fires, artificial gap-cutting as natural disturbances will be compared with untreated controls and nature reserves.


2014  PhD-Student

2013-2014 Research assistant (Dutch Centre for Avian Migration and Demography)

2011-2013 MSc, Forest and nature conservation, Wageningen University

2008-2011 BASc, Forest and nature management, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

Selected publications


Versluijs, M., Hjältén, J. & Roberge, J.-M. 2019. Ecological restoration modifies the value of biodiversity indicators in resident boreal forest birds. Ecological Indicators. 98: 104-111.

Versluijs, M., S. Eggers, J. Hjältén, T. Löfroth, and J.-M. Roberge. 2017. Ecological restoration in boreal forest modifies the structure of bird assemblages. Forest Ecology and Management 401:75-88.

Versluijs, M., van Turnhout, C. A. M., Kleijn, D. and van der Jeugd, H. P. 2016. Demographical changes underpinning the population decline of Starling Sturnus vulgaris in the Netherlands. Ardea 104(2):153-165.

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