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Merko Vaga

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Selected publications

Ramin, M., Vaga, M., Cabezas-Garcia, E. H. and Detmann, E. 2016. Comparison of methane production from individual feeds and total diets - an in vitro evaluation. Agraarteadus, 27(1), 42–47.

Bakken, A. K., Vaga, M., Hetta, M., Randby, Å. T. and Steinshamn, H. 2016. Protein characteristics in grass–clover silages according to wilting rate and fermentation pattern. Grass Forage Sci. doi:10.1111/gfs.12271

Vaga, M., Hetta, M. and Huhtanen, P. 2016. Effects of heat treatment on protein feeds evaluated in vitro by the method of estimating utilisable crude protein at the duodenum. J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr. doi:10.1111/jpn.12646

Vaga, M., Huss-Danell, K., Hetta, M. and Huhtanen P. 2015. Investigation of protein digestion kinetics in vitro using 15N labelled timothy and red clover. Journal of Dairy Science. Vol. 98, Suppl. 2. p. 482.

Krizsan, S. J., Felton, A., Ramin, M., Anttila, A., Vaga, M., Gidlund, H. and Huhtanen, P. 2013. A comparison of herbivore digestion efficiency in vitro using moose spring and summer foods. In: Proceedings of The 4th Nordic Feed Science Conference. 12-13 June 2013. Uppsala, Sweden.

Postdoctor at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry (AFB); Division of Anatomy and Physiology
Telephone: 090-786 87 51, 0725575939
Postal address:
Inst för anatomi och fysiologi, Box 7011
Visiting address: VHC Huvudentré, Ulls väg 26, hus 5, plan 4, Uppsala