CV page

Micaela M. Kulesz

My research is within the fields of decision making, applied game theory, and experimental economics. Lately, I am particularly interested in incorporating big data and machine learning methods into my research.


I am a researcher in the "Decision Making and Managerial Behavior" group at the Department of Economics. My background is in economics, economics and more economics (bachelors, masters and PhD), and my expertise lies within the study of individuals’ choices.

Until 2009 I was employed within the academic and the private sector, working with the statistics (descriptive and predictive) needed to write economic reports and to apply for tenders. Previous employments in the private sector include working as a business analyst, and as a senior research analyst. I have also been employed as a freelance research assistant for various international organizations.

Since 2009 I have been working in research projects within the field of behavioral and experimental economics, and supervising PhD students regarding their quantitative data collection methods, mainly experiments and questionnaires, and their data analyses (econometrics and some areas of statistics). 


Quantitative Finance - Theory and Applications (FÖ0271)

Office hours by appointment only. 

Selected publications

Complementarity of implicit and explicit attitudes in predicting the purchase likelihood of visually sub-optimal or optimal apples. 2019. Food Quality and Preference. Volume 75, Pages 87-96 (with Bolos A, and Lagerkvist CJ).

Extraction Behaviour and Income Inequalities Resulting from a Common Pool Resource Exploitation. 2019. Sustainability. 11(2), 536; doi: 10.3390/su11020536 (with Owusu K, and Merico A). 

OGUMI—A new mobile application to conduct common-pool resource experiments in continuous time. 2017. PloS One. 12(6):e0178951 (with  Brandt G, Nissen D, and Merico A).

Time preferences and natural resource extraction behaviour: an experimental study from artisinal fisheries in Zanzibar. 2016. PloS One. 11: e0168898 (with Javaid A, Schlueter A, Ghosh A, and Narriman NJ).

Nutritional impact of child-directed TV food advertising regulation: are we rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic? 2016. Journal of the Association of Consumer Research. 1: 422-444 (with Silva A and Higgins LM).

Health promotion messages. The role of social presence for food choices. 2015. Appetite. 87: 336-343 (with Bittner J).

Dynamic repeated random dictatorship and gender discrimination. 2015. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. 55: 81-90 (with Dittrich DAV and Buechner S) .

It's not you, it's me: an experimental study of employers' wage setting behaviour. Economics Bulletin. 2014. 34: 2128-2137 (with Dittrich DAV) .