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Michal Zmihorski

Msc (2006), Warsaw University, Poland; PhD (2010), Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland


problems: biodiversity in farmland, disturbances in forest, conservation
taxons: birds, ants, crickets, butterflies
tools: statistics, data visualization, sampling, R

Selected publications

papers 2016-2018:

Salek M, Bazant M, Żmihorski M. 2017. Active farmsteads are year-round strongholds for farmland birds. Journal of Applied Ecology (in press)

Banaszak-Cibicka W, Fliszkiewicz M, Langowska A, Żmihorski M (2017) Body size and wing asymmetry along an urbanization gradient in bee. Apidologie (in press)

Żmihorski M, Krupiński D, Kotowska D, Knape J, Pärt T, Obłoza P, Berg Å (2018) Habitat characteristics associated with occupancy of declining waders in Polish wet grasslands. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 251:236-243

Brzeziński M, Ignatiuk P, Żmihorski M, Zalewski A (2017) An invasive predator affects habitat use by native prey: American mink and water vole co-existence in riparian habitats. Journal of Zoology (in press)

Krauze-Gryz D, Żmihorski M, Jasińska K, Kwaśny Ł, Werka J (2017) Temporal Pattern of Wildlife-Train Collisions: Poland as a Case Study. Journal of Wildlife Management 81:1513-1519

Thorn S, Bässler C, Brandl R, Burton PJ, Cahall R, Campbell JL, Castro J, Choi CY, Cobb T, Donato DC, Durska E, Fontaine JB, Gauthier S, Hebert1 C, Hothorn T, Hutto RL, Lee EJ, Leverkus AB, Lindenmayer DB, Obrist MK, Rost J, Seibold S, Seidl R, Thom D, Waldron K, Wermelinger B, Winter MB, Żmihorski M, Müller J (2017) Impacts of salvage logging on biodiversity – a meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Ecology (in press)

Krauze-Gryz D, Żmihorski M, Gryz J (2017) Annual variation in prey composition of domestic cats in rural and suburban environment. Urban Ecosystems 20:945-952

Żmihorski M, Ławicki Ł, Marchowski D, Wylegała P, Pärt T (2016) Spatial variation in long-term trends in a metapopulation of the globally threatened Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola in Poland. Acta Orntihologica 46:1-12

Yosef R, Zduniak P, Żmihorski M (2016) Invasive ring-necked parakeet negatively affects indigenous Eurasian hoopoe. Annales Zoologici Fennici 53:281–287

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Rosin ZM, Skórka P, Pärt T, Żmihorski M, Ekner-Grzyb A, Kwieciński Z, Tryjanowski P (2016) Villages and their old farmsteads are hot-spots of bird diversity in agricultural landscapes. Journal of Applied Ecology 53:1363-1372

Ślipiński P, Żmihorski M (2017) Changes in the speed of ants as a result of aggressive interactions. Insect Science 24:842-852

Żmihorski M, Kotowska D, Berg Å, Pärt T (2016) Evaluating conservation tools in Polish grasslands: the occurrence of birds in relation to agri-environment schemes and Natura 2000 area. Biological Conservation 194:150-157

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Mirski P, Krupiński D, Szulak K, Żmihorski M (2016) Seasonal and spatial variation of the Montagu’s Harrier’s diet in extensive farmland in Eastern Poland. Bird Study 63:165-171

Żmihorski M, Ślipiński P (2016) The importance of diurnal and nocturnal activity and interspecific interactions for space use by ants in clear-cuts. Ecological Entomology 41:276-283