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Vilis Brukas

Vilis Brukas
Forest policy is the thematic core of my research and teaching. I am currently heading the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre and leading international master's course in forest policy.


Head of the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre


I am directing the MSc course "National and International Forest Policy ", 15 ECTS credits. The weeks full-time course is delivered by an international teacher team, examining forest governance and linkages between forest policy and management in different countries.

My interest in improving the practice of teaching and learning has been nurtured through various engagements, such as coordinating EUROFORESTER; designing a new master programme  (FORPEC); delivering intensive courses on student-centred learning for university staff; and taking part in the SLU Education Board dealing with strategic development of education at our university; and initiating new international bachelor's programme Forest & Landscape (starting September 2021).

Pedagogic awards:

- SLU pedagogic award for Euroforester teacher team, 2006

- SLU individual pedagogic award, 2015


My research spans various issues in forest policy, with focus on the countries of the Baltic Sea region. Approaches to forest governance differ widely within the region, constituting an exciting venue for comparative analyses. The topics of interest include but are not limited to:
- Mixes of policy instruments
- Interface between policy and planning
- Approaches to forest management accross Europe
- Forest governance in transition economies

The most important engagement in the latest years (since 2016) has been the scientific coordination of the EU Horizon 2020 project ALTERFOR "Alternative models and robust decision-making for future forest management". Involving 20 partners in 9 European countries, the project has conducted 10 case studies focusing on implementing novel approaches of forest management.

Environmental analysis








Selected publications

Scientific peer-reviewed publications since 2015

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Note: Many of these and earlier peer-reviewed publications can be accessed on SLU open archive Epsilon: