SITES water

Last changed: 16 August 2022
A logotype for SITES water. Illustration.

In SITES water we collect infromation from lakes and streams. At Röbäcksdalen two creeks, Degernäsbäcken and Röbäcken, are used for sampling.

Degernäsbäcken and Röbäcken run through our argicultural lands, past the airport, and then merge with Umeå river. Today we sample three locations in Degernäsbäcken upstream the E4 road. One place is before Degernäsbäcken merges with Röbäcken and two places are after they merge. We also sample two loctations in Röbäcken, where one place is just before it merges with Degernäsbäcken and one is further upstream, just before the creek enters the urban area.

A creek that runs diagonal through snow covered fields. Photo.
Degernäsbäcken is one of two creeks sampled throughout the year.


Coordination of the monitoring program is done by Leif Klemendtsson at University of Gothenburg. Read more about the program on SITES water's official site.


Johanna Wallsten, Researcher/Head of Dept./SITES manager Röbäcksdalen
Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden, +46(0)90-786 8716