Third Animal Welfare Science Symposium 2018

Last changed: 13 June 2018

The Third Annual Animal Welfare Science Symposium was held in Uppsala May 2-3.

The symposium is directed towards researchers involved in animal and veterinary sciences, human-animal interactions, ethics, policy and law, economics and marketing, among other areas. The concept for this symposium is to advance the broad subject of animal welfare, by providing a friendly scientific forum for researchers to share and discuss their results and ideas. The programme offered short presentations from participants, primarily early stage researchers, as well as longer plenary talks from invited speakers and lively group discussions. The plenary speaker on the policy theme this year was Prof. David Main from the Royal Agricultural University, UK, while Dr. Tom Smulders from Newcastle University, UK, opened the session on negative animal welfare. Dr. Jan Langbein from the Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology, Germany, spoke on welfare from the positive side.

The plenary speakers also nominated the winner of the award for best presentation by a junior researcher, which this year went to student Sara Ryding from Linköping University, for her presentation "Early life experiences influence impulsivity".

Photo: Dr Tom Smulders, Dr Jan Langbein, Sara Ryding (winner of Best Presentation Award), Prof David Main.

From left: Dr. Tom Smulders, Dr. Jan Langbein, Sara Ryding (winner of Best Presentation Award), Prof. David Main. Photo: Yezica Norling

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