Annual Animal Welfare Science Symposium

Last changed: 22 June 2023
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Wednesday-Thursday 7-8th June 2023, Uppsala

The aim of this symposium is to engage researchers in animal and veterinary sciences, human-animal interactions, ethics, policy and law, economics and marketing in sharing and discussing their results and ideas in a broad context of animal welfare, by providing a friendly scientific forum.

The programme includes short presentations from participants, primarily early stage researchers, as well as longer plenary talks from invited speakers. 

This year the invited speakers are:

Christine Nicol  is Professor of Animal Welfare at the Royal Veterinary College, London UK and Field Chief Editor for the journal Frontiers in Animal Science. Christine's primary research interest is the validation of methodologies to assess animal welfare. She has won several prestigious awards, authored and edited books, and generally strives to ensure that animal welfare research is used effectively to improve the lives of farm, companion and wildlife species.

Rebecca Doyle is Senior Lecturer in Animal Welfare at Edinburgh University, Deputy Director of the The Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education and a Researcher at the International Livestock Research Institute (Ethiopia). Her research is currently in the area of animal welfare concerns in developing countries and on sustainable livestock.

Vivian Goerlich is Assistant Professor at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. She is especially interested in the ability of animals to cope with, and adapt to, challenges in their environment. She has worked with both domesticated and wild animals using physiological, endocrinological and behavioural approaches.

Title of invited speakers' talks:

  • Christine Nicol - What is joy without sorrow?
  • Rebecca Doyle - Sustainable animal welfare across the globe – from field to policy
  • Vivian Goerlich - Welfare as dynamic concept based on the animal’s ability to adapt to challenges


Cost (including lunch, coffee breaks and symposium dinner) is 800 SEK. For those giving a presentation the cost is 475 SEK.


The deadline to submit preliminary title or main topic is the 3rd of April, deadline for full abstract is the 15th of May and the deadline to register for the symposium is 22nd of May.

If you have any questions, please contact the organising committee at

Contact, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Environment and Health