What is Crane Seminar?

Last changed: 25 January 2018

The Crane seminar is a post-graduate seminar course, which is open to PhD-students. It is also open to senior scientists, and the seminars usually attract a stimulating mixture of PhD-students and more experienced scientists from different disciplines, such as biology, psychology, medicine, veterinary medicine and animal science.

Crane seminars are organised with 2-3 years intervals in Skara, Sweden, and each seminar has a specific theme. Previous seminar themes have been, for example, "Parental behaviour", "Stress", "Learning", "Motivation", "Ethics in Animal Husbandry", "The concept of health", "Cognition and emotions in animals", "Euthanasia in humans and animals" and "Anthrozoology".

The theme for the seminar 2018 is "Animal Assisted Intervention".

The idea of the seminar is to invite three world leading scientists within the theme, each of whom has a slightly different approach to the subject. In the seminar, each invited lecturer is offered plenty of time for lecturing and seminars. All lecturers stay for the seminar, and can therefore interact continuously with participants and the other lecturers. Participants will also have material for reading in advance, to get acquainted with the theme and the approaches of the lecturers.

Why the name, "Crane Seminar"? The timing of the course is always in March-April, which is when thousands of cranes (Grus grus, the largest bird in Sweden) rest outside Skara in lake Hornborgasjön on their spring migration towards north. This is a spectacular scenery, and an excursion to the crane fields is a standing social event during the seminars. Apart from this, we have a relaxing social program, and you will have ample opportunities to meet and talk to colleagues and friends.

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