Ethology and Animal Welfare

Last changed: 15 June 2023


The Ethology and Animal Welfare programme is a relatively new bachelor programme, started in September 2005 at SLU in Skara, but is since 2014 located in Uppsala, Sweden. Through this web page you may find the curriculum, a layout of the three years and links to the different courses etc. The need for knowledgeable staff working within the fields of ethology and animal welfare has probably never been greater. The number of individual pets is constantly increasing as well as the number of species kept as pets. Many people have no previous experience of animals and housing management. Farms are becoming larger and the distance between the farmer and the individual animal is increasing. This means that new means of assessing welfare are needed. The natural knowledge many people used to have about animals and keeping of animals is no longer there as we do not grow up with animals to the same extent. Also the conditions for animals kept by us have changed and the knowledge must therefore develop and spread. Keeping animals without the appropriate knowledge may lead to animals with compromised health and welfare, showing abnormal behaviour or other signs of poor welfare. The Ethology and Animal Welfare program is there for you who want to work with increasing the understanding of animal behaviour and animal needs.

If you are interested please contact the Programme director of studies in Ethology and Animal WelfareClaes Anderson, telephone +46 18-672136.

The Program: