Degree project

Last changed: 09 November 2018

Here you can find a list of degree project and their supervisors at our department. Please get in touch if you are interested



Animal Ethics

Animal Welfare and Animal Protection

  • Stunning methods and animal welfare at slaughter (no ongoing project, open for initiatives) – Jan Hultgren
  • Swedish animal welfare control - coverage, implementation, contact with animal owners (no ongoing project, open for initiatives) - Jan Hultgren
  • Quality of inspection data from slaughterhouses (no ongoing project, open for initiatives) – Jan Hultgren
  • Risk assessment of small-scale slaughter of cattle, compared to large-scale slaughter (no ongoing project, open for initiatives) – Jan Hultgren
  • Animal Welfare Audits – methods and attitudes – Jan Hultgren
  • Driving sows at the slaugtherhouse – Animal Welfare Aspects - Lotta Berg
  • A Master's thesis in animal behaviour and welfare - Else Verbeek
  • Quality of veterinary examinations at slaughter plants - Jan Hultgren
  • Animal Welfare evaluation of calf nursing systems - Lotta Berg
  • Welfare in organic broilers- sleep and perch use at night – video film analysis - Jenny Yngvesson
  • Welfare in organic broilers – daytime behaviour - Jenny Yngvesson
  • Effects of the environment on young chicks (master's project) - Lena Skånberg, Linda Keeling
  • Development of new methods for stunning of pigs – pilot study investigating pig behavior in foam filled container. The method being developed is stunning of pigs with nitrogen foam. This pilot project does not include the stunning part, but only evaluation of pig behavior in container filled with air filled foam vs behavior in container without foam. The projects will be performed in the pig facilities at Lövsta research center outside Uppsala - Anna Wallenbeck

Animal Environment & Health (including production related diseases)

Beef and lamb production

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