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Here you can find a list of degree project and their supervisors at our department. Please get in touch if you are interested



Animal Ethics

  • Ethical argumentation behind choice of housing for horses - Jenny Yngvesson
  • Veterinarian knowledge about violence against animals and humans in close relations - Helena Röcklinsberg
  • Religous slaughter in Sweden - Lotta Berg
  • Ethical aspects of training of animals by using other animals (e.g. dog/badger and dog/sheep) - Helena Röcklinsberg
  • Ethics of using animals for experimentsanimal and 3R - Helena Röcklinsberg
  • Discrepancies between what I need to do, and what I want to do, or between what I don't want to do and what I have to...Moral stress within the profession of veterinarian/veterinary nurse - Helena Röcklinsberg
  • Ethics of advisors – Role of rofessionals within animal housing, feeding and care – challenges and possibilities - Helena Röcklinsberg
  • Cognitiv dissonance – rationalisations and justifications of unequal treatment of animals - Helena Röcklinsberg

Animal Welfare and Animal Protection

Animal Environment & Health (including production related diseases)

  • Health in different broiler hybrids in organic systems – Anna Wallenbeck and Stefan Gunnarsson
  • Beef cattle in Amazon rain forest – Jens Jung
  • Feeding cattle at the slaughterhouse – comparison of different feed stuffs effects on Animal Welbeing - Lotta Berg
  • Salmonella in broilers – a knowledge review for prevention and routine validation - Lotta Berg
  • Environmental enrichment and mortality in dairy fattening bulls - Jan Hultgren
  • Riskevaluation in small scale slaugther – a comparison with large scale slaughter - Jan Hultgren
  • Importance of routines at the dairy farm – calf welfare and future production - Katarina Arvidsson Segerkvist

Beef and lamb production

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