Degree project

Last changed: 23 November 2021

Here you can find a list of degree project and their supervisors at our department. Please get in touch if you are interested



Animal Ethics

Animal Welfare and Animal Protection

Animal Environment & Health (including production related diseases)

  • Effects of sire breed on litter size in commercial piglet production. Increased litter sizes resulting in increased piglet mortality and reduced vitality in the surviving piglets is a general problem in piglet production globally. In this pilot project we aim to take an applied approach investigating aspects that the farmer can control – the sire breed of the piglets. The student taking on this project will collaborate with applied herd veterinarians and experts within animal health,  welfare and geneticists - Anna Wallenbeck
  • Health in different broiler hybrids in organic systems – Anna Wallenbeck and Stefan Gunnarsson
  • Beef cattle in Amazon rain forest – Jens Jung
  • Feeding cattle at the slaughterhouse – comparison of different feed stuffs effects on Animal Welbeing - Lotta Berg
  • Salmonella in broilers – a knowledge review for prevention and routine validation - Lotta Berg
  • Importance of routines at the dairy farm – calf welfare and future production - Katarina Arvidsson Segerkvist
  • Preparing for the challenges and opportunities of life: effects of early experience on adaptive plasticity in laying hens - Lena Skånberg
  • Developing alternative stunning methods for pigs - Pig preferences for foam with and without odour. This project is set up in collaboration with researcher at RISE and the Dutch company Annoxia. The practical studies will be conducted in the pig facilities at Lövsta - Anna Wallenbeck
  • SowNest – in an ongoing research project in the pig facility at Lövsta, we study the link between sows' nest building behavior and piglet survival. We also want to study the difference in nest building behavior between different individuals. Behavioral observation is done both by video surveillance and with activity loggers - Rebecka Westin 
  • How active is a pig? With activity loggers you will measure and compare how active pigs are in different housing systems. For example sows in group-housing systems with transponder feeding compared to when kept in conventional pens or in organic production with outdoor access - Rebecka Westin 

Beef and lamb production