Degree project - Sleep and rest in broilers

Last changed: 25 February 2019

This project aims to investigate the resting patterns of broilers by trying to create an environment that promotes the natural resting patterns.

Within the production industry, the chicks are usually kept in large groups (up to 100000 chicks) and with long light periods (6 hours of darkness and 18 hours lighted). As chickens naturally rest in intervals, of about 40 minutes, the light period creates difficulties for the chicks. This can result in unsynchronized rest and thus create disturbances where active chicks disturb resting chicks. We will use dark brooders (simulating a brooding hen) to investigate whether the chicks can synchronize their rest under the brooder.

This project includes handling of chicks, behavioural tests will be performed. Also, behavioural observations in the stables as well as through recording will be a part of the project. This project will run on Lövsta, therefore it is good if you have a car.

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